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tesa® 60400 film polylactique 30µm 100% naturel

Description produit

tesa® 60400 is our first bio-based packaging tape in the industrial sector and is suitable for medium weight packaging applications (15 – 30 kg). The material chosen for the support is a polylactic acid, more frequently called PLA. PLA is made from 100% renewable materials, such as corn starch, tapioca roots or sugar cane. The adhesive mass of this tape is made of natural rubber with a natural resin. Thanks to this ingenious choice of raw materials and its remarkable design, tesa® 60400 is manufactured with a very high bio-sourced carbon content (98%) and the tape therefore has a reduced carbon footprint.

Technical description

  • Polylactic film
  • Natural rubber adhesive mass
  • Film thickness 30µm
  • Total thickness 55µm
  • ORGANIC and high performance packaging adhesive tape
  • Support made from 100% renewable materials
  • Total biosourced carbon content of 98%
  • Good breaking resistance
  • Adhesion on steel: 3.5 N/cm
  • Breaking strength: 30 N/cm
  • Available in transparent


using advice

  • Closing of medium weight boxes (15 – 30kg)
  • Suitable for manual and automatic dispensers
  • Packaging, strapping and closing